April 7Evergreen Golf Club
Spring Ball Sweep
Brad Blisner
April 21Evergreen Cup
Round 1
Team Kuramoto leads
Team Yesaki
3 1/2 to 2 1/2
April 28Evergreen Cup
Round 2
Team Yesaki wins
Week Two, 6 to 1
and captures the
Evergreen Cup
June 9Edo JapanMoe Takeuchi
Alan Ohashi
June 23Evergreen Golf Club
Yellow Ball
Gord Mizuno
Jerry Kimura
Tom Yesaki
July 7Evergreen Golf Club
Summer Ball Sweep
Harry Obayashi
July 21Mizuno OpenRich Odamura
Dave Wolsey
August 11
August 18
Nishi Family
Club Championship
Low Gross – Harry Obayashi
Low Net – Jerry Kimura
September 8Evergreen Golf Club
2 Man Best Ball
Harry Obayashi
Alan Ohashi
September 22Evergreen Golf Club
Turkey Shoot
Low Gross – Bill Mitchell
Low Net – Jerry Kimura
Match PlayJerry Kimura
KP Results